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Tendon and bone injuries are curable. There are a large number of simple and inexpensive ways in which herbs can be used to both aid in the maturity of bones in young competition horses, and to repair and resolve injury and strain occasioned by workload or injury. These preventative programs and injury treatments should always be the first considered and you should manage them yourselves.

Veterinary medicine and surgery should be reserved for those occasions when herbal and home remedies and programs need assistance. It is usually not even necessary to carry out many of the standard tests, scans and X-ray examinations to attempt to exactly verify the site or nature of the injury as this mostly does not justify in terms of improved treatment the cost of such procedures.

Herbs will aid in healing and recovery from injury wherever it is found in the body. Therefore every time you are treating a specific problem the herbs will also seek out other areas of past or impending weakness and take advantage of the opportunity to resolve these without your even knowing it is going on.

Preventative Maintenance is the first and best place to start in ensuring good health.

Tendon and Bone contains a combination of elecampane along with kelp granules, ground Linseed, ground millet, yarrow herb and the Bach Flower Rescue Remedy promotes the re-growth of attachment points and the re-tensioning of stretched or damaged ligaments.

Elecampane is a stimulant to fibroblast (the most common cells of connective tissue in animals) and osteoblast (single nucleus that synthesize bone) activity due to its allantoin content.

Millet contains especially high levels of organic silica compounds as well as carbohydrate and many other minerals. Silica is the key to balancing the calcium scaring that occurs in conditions like ringbone.

Linseed is specific nourishment for strength and elasticity of ligaments and attachment points and is a whole feed source of Omega 3 and 6 and Linoleic acids.

Kelp contains phosphorus iron, sodium, calcium, magnesium and potassium which makes it great for strengthening bones and assists in the treatment of arthritis and rheumatism.

A horse from a line susceptible to tendon or bone problems should be supplemented with small doses of Tendon and Bone mixture after weaning and again as a yearling for a few months each time before putting it into work, thereby avoiding a whole career dogged by injury.

The treatment is formulated as a mush in a base of ground roots and seeds high in silica, calcium, minerals and trace elements. A cupful is mixed with feed and given twice daily.

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