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Many horses show signs of bleeding either by fading under maximum effort or by snorting blood. Many others show dried blood around the nostrils hours or a day after maximum effort. It is the rupture of fragile blood vessels in the lungs which is involved and the bleeder treatment supplies astringent/tonic herbs, as well as herbs high in Rutin which actually strengthen the walls of these fragile blood vessels. 

Due to heart stress and the shock involved in a major bleed I include treatments to deal with the strain on the heart as well and others to enhance respiratory health and efficiency generally.

My bleeder mix includes the herbs:- Hawthorn, Borage Herb, Kelp Powder, Nettle Herb, Rue Herb, Yarrow Herb and Yellow Dock.

Early recognition and treatment of bleeders with this treatment program will minimize the scarring which develops each time a bleed occurs. This will safeguard the health and efficiency of the lungs and the heart as well.

The bleeder treatment can save your investment.

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