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I just wanted to update you on Rama's eye issue that we spoke about.

Rama damaged her eye in January of this year by rubbing her head on a branch and managing to scratch her eye and cause not one but three ulcers on the one eye, her constant rubbing of the eye and the irritation caused advanced uveutis and it was extremely painful for her.

Treatment of Rama was very difficult as she is a 700 plus kilo horse and stands just over 16.3 she refuses to have bute either in a powder or paste and required her eye being treated several times a day with antibiotics and drops.

We didn't seem to really be getting any where with the traditional treatment so we changed to your eye wash with colloidal silver and anti inflammatory mix for pain relief.

After the initial objection she was fine to have me bath her eye several times a day and didn't turn her nose up at the feed with the anti inflammatory in it...the initial amount of bute she was on caused her to colic so it was good to see her appetite return.

Rama now has a cloudy spot in her eye but it is far better than the initial thoughts that she would loose her eye or have no vision at all.

Thankyou again from Andrea Schaede and RSP Diorama (Rama)

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