Linda and Tontos Victory Over Squamous Cell Carcinoma - McDowell's Herbal Treatments

Linda reported the early improvement in Tonto's carcinoma:

"My horse was diagnosed with possible SCC. He has a growth on the third eyelid, on the inside corner. I started treating it with your internal herbs as well as applying the eye ointment around the eye twice a day on the 7th May. Approximately 9 weeks later I see noticeable improvement, I'm happy to say.

The growth is half the size in diameter and depth and is smooth and red instead of the mealy uneven color and texture it had before treatment was started. Do I continue treatment until it's gone or will I have to keep doing this to keep it from coming back again?

Linda McCurdy"


"Dear Linda,

I am happy to see the treatment is progressing well. Generally my advice is to keep both the internal and external program going at the full twice daily dose until the cancer is gone and then continue with the internal mix on a reduced basis for a further 10 to 12 weeks just once daily.

Then you should be able to stop and not have the cancer come back."

The last message from Linda reported:

"I'm thrilled to report that my horse's squamous cell carcinoma of his eyelid is almost gone. Unfortutunately, due to the location of the tumor, deep within the recesses of the inside corner of the eye, I'm am unable to photograph it. He has to turn his eye in such a way so that you can get a quick glimpse of it. It was first discovered by my vet as she was giving him a vaccine. The tumor was about 1/2 cm across and about 1 cm long. Now, three and a half months later, it'sdown to a couple of mm! Thank you so much for your treatment plan. I will continue as directed.

McDowells Herbal was the first treatment that I had tried on him. I began searching the web and liked what I read on your site. I am truly amazed at how well it has worked! I thought that I would be taking him to UC Davis for a biopsy and major medical ordeal. Thanks, again.

Linda and Tonto"

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