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Sheep sorrel is one of the strongest antioxidant herbs we can use regularly, to benefit our health. And whysheep_sorrel are antioxidants so important? They have the ability to zap out free radicals caused by foods, pollutants, and stress, and provide a strong line of defense for the immune system. Research shows that we are all making cancer cells daily. If the thymus is making adequate 'T' cells and the immune system is strong, all is well. However, statistics in Australia show not all is well. One in four people will be diagnosed with cancer. Why such high figures? A number of factors may influence such high cancer rates, like pesticides and chemicals in foods, pollutants in the environment, lack of nutrients in foods, electromagnetic radiation, and excess stress, to name a few. With regular use of sheep sorrel and other antioxidant rich herbs, we can boost the power of protection.

Sheep sorrel leaves have been valued as a diuretic to remove excess fluid from the body, for urinary and kidney complaints, and to strengthen the heart. Other uses include: blood disorders, skin conditions, fevers, inflammation, diarrhea, excessive menstruation, and for throat and mouth ulcers. Crushed, fresh leaves are applied as a poultice to boils and carbuncles. Sheep sorrel assists the body in throwing off any viral infection. Leaves are rich in vitamin C, and have been used as an antiscorbutic for centuries. No doubt, the high vitamin C content is one reason.

Essiac, given its name by the nurse Rene Caisse ("caisse" spelt backwards), consists of four main herbs that grow in the wilderness of Ontario, Canada. The original formula is believed to have its roots in native Canadian Ojibway medicine.

Sheeps Sorrel is one of the four main herbs that make up Essiac, the others include Burdock root, Slippery Elm Bark, and Indian Rhubarb Root . The four herbs may help normalize body systems by cleansing the blood, purging toxic build up, promoting cell repair and aiding in effective assimilation and elimination. When combined it is believed that their separate beneficial effects are enhanced.

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