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Some say wheat grass is almost like a blood transfusion that it is a wonderful cleanser and rejuvenator which means it helps your body to throw out toxins that have built up over the years and helps it replace old dead cells with new cells. These are certainly factors that cause disease in our bodies and so wheat grass deserves more study.

Below I have given you a pocket history of wheat grass and it is fascinating ! We would wheatgrassbe interested to hear of your own experiences with wheat grass.

During the early 1900's a man named Edmund Bordeaux Szekely discovered an ancient biblical manuscript which he subsequently translated. It was a remarkable discovery and Szekely was so enthralled with the translation that he formed a society he called the Biogenic Society to promulgate the teaching of this new (old) way of eating. He began publishing the manuscripts in the form of little books, which he sold very inexpensively because he felt that the world needed the message. He called the books The Essene Gospel of Peace. The Essenes were a very righteous people who lived near the Dead Sea during the time of Jesus Christ. Christ actually taught them the laws of health during that time. The main teaching of Essene Book I is: Don't kill your food by cooking it. The main teaching of Essene Book IV is : all grasses are good for man and wheatgrass is the perfect food for man. These little books can be purchased at any health food store.

In the 1940's a man by the name of Charles Kettering (former Chairman of the Board of General Motors) donated money for the study of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll was studied intensively by medical doctors using FDA required standards i.e. double blind studies, etc. (There are currently over 40 articles written up in medical journals about the healing effects of chlorophyll.) These medical doctors found that chlorophyll was a great healer .

Sometime during the 1940's a lady by the name of Ann Wigmore healed herself of a life threatening condition from the weeds she found in vacant lots in Boston. (See "Why Suffer" by Ann Wigmore.) She began a study of natural healing modalities - and with the help of a friend, Dr. Earp Thomas, she found that there are 4700 varieties of grass in the world and all are good for man. With the help of her pets, she arrived at the conclusion that wheatgrass was the best - or the medicinal grass. She started an institute in Boston (Ann Wigmore Institute) and since then has taught people from all over the world about the grasses and the living food healing program

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