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Scabies is a progressive & uncomfortable disease for cats, as they are not the easiest of patients! It is officially known as Notedric mange (Notredes cats) and caused by the mite Notoedres cati. Humans do not catch scabies from cats (scabies mite does not survive or reproduce on humans) but causes “mange” in animals...

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What is really happening with scabies is that the skin's own resistance to parasitic attack has been weakened through the build-up of toxins under the skin. 

These toxins can be simply the normal products of metabolism or derived from to many chemicals in feed or from worming over a long period and the body stores them under the skin if other means of elimination are overloaded.

Signs of scabies:

  • Biting and scratching at themselves
  • Skin rashes
  • Patchy hair loss
  • Skin sores accompanied

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Therefore you start with a blood cleanser.

When a course of blood cleansers is given over a complete blood cycle (around 12 weeks) the skin is able to recover its normal resistance and can often repel the mites and other parasitic attack on its own.

If the skin damage has been extensive and long term I provide specific antifungal/anti-parasitic herbal applications which are mixed 20 drops into 20ml of Colloidal Silver and sprayed onto the cats coat after rinsing in warm water once per day.

In addition in some cases I advise using a skin recovery spray or skin healing ointments to repair the scarring and restore the health and elasticity of the skin itself.

This program can completely and permanently clear up the mange particularly if it is instituted with a natural raw meat diet and you can eliminate commercial cat feed entirely. The balance of the treatment to be applied externally is best started once things have begun to improve internally and this should be well underway by the end of the first month on the blood cleanser.


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