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The immune system works constantly to keep environmental disease forces at bay, including viruses, harmful bacteria, and external heat and cold. Our pet's immune system can get run down, making them susceptible to any number of ilnesses...

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The immune system consists of a network of white blood cells, antibodies, and other substances that fight off infections and reject foreign proteins (2).

It is known that nutrition can contribute to immunity and there is a measureable effect of malnutrition on immune functions.

Malnutrition results in altered resistance to infectious disease. In malnutrition, bacterial diseases are more severe but because viruses require a healthy host, malnutrition can result in an increased resistance to viral infection! (1)

Diet recommendations

Feeding your cat a homemade, raw food diet will do wonders for their overall health. The odd tin of cat food or a little dry kibble wont hurt but the majority of their nutrition should be coming from raw, enzyme and nutrient rich ingredients.

McDowells Product

This formula addresses a weakened immune system which may include fatigue, recurrent illnesses, compromised immune system, recurrent upper respiratory infections, slow injury recovery as well as viral and bacterial infections.

The mix includes the following herbs Maritime Pine Bark; a powerful antioxidant for general immunity, Liquorice for adrenal exhaustion and inflammatory conditions, Rosehips to strengthen circulation, St Mary's Thistle to boost the efficiency and health of the liver, Blue Flag and Kelp to maintain a healthy glandular and in particular thyroid function. Alfalfa will assist digestive issues and rebalance an acidic build up, while Skullcap calms the nervous system. This mix includes the Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy, Water Violet, Holly, Vine and Scleranthus.


(1) Vaccination and the Immune Status of the Cat. World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2008 Margie Scherk, DVM, DABVP

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