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Cataracts commonly occurs in all pets. You will notice the cataract as a blue-gray tint in the cat's lens. The lens is contained in a sealed bag or capsule. As old cells die they become trapped within the capsule. Over time, the cells accumulate causing the lens to look cloudy or opaque. This makes the images that the cat sees blurred or fuzzy.

A cataracts does not cause any pain but it will damage the cat's ability to see clearly at night and will eventually lead to nearsightedness.  Cataracts usually occurs with age but may also be caused by metabolic disorders such as diabetes mellitus, inherited tendencies, or degenerative retinal diseases. 

For cataracts, McDowells recommends using the eye wash. It contains concentrated extracts of the herbs Rue, Celendine and Golden Seal which together are antiseptic, soothing, healing and high in Vitamin A. They also nourish the blood vessels of the eye and reduce the shock that accompanies damage to the eye.

The important thing is to deliver the correct nutrients directly into the eye to promote circulation and health and this offers the only real chance of arresting the cataract growth. The treatment is simple, inexpensive and safe to use and it is applied simply by diluting as directed and washing the eye twice daily with the diluted wash. It is not necessary to force the cats eye open to apply; it can just be dropped into the corner of the shut eye a few drops at a time and when the cat blinks, the wash runs over it.

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