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Cats with this condition are given asthma medications similar to human meds like bronchodilators from mainstream practitioners but these do not adequately support the lungs.

Start your cat on the Lung capacity as an alternative to strengthen the lungs & function.

My mix includes Hawthorn, Elecampane, Elecampane, Golden Rod, Liquorice, Mullein, Rue, Horsetail and Nettle along with the Bach Flowers Mimulus and Gorse.

Some actions can also be taken in the home to reduce the symptoms of feline bronchitis.

Do you smoke around your cat? Avoiding smoke from fireplaces and cigarettes is very important. This type of smoke tends to settle near the floor in a room at the cat's breathing level.

Reducing the use of air fresheners and other household sprays can also be effective. Use human grooming products that are in spray form, such as hair sprays or deodorants, well away from the affected cat.

Change to a low-dust clay cat litter or one that is made of an alternate material.

Air purifiers may also be helpful. Any activity that is associated with symptoms of asthma in the individual cat, such as going outside in cold weather, should be avoided. Finally, obese cats will benefit from weight reduction.

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