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Cats have small sebaceous glands associated with hair follicles and larger sebaceous glands on the head and tail. These glands secrete oils. It is when these glands are overactive that cats can get what is known as cat acne.

In cases of acne the pores and hair follicles near the glands can become clogged with black sebaceous material, and form what is known as comedones. In the more severe cases these pores and follicles can get infected, irritated, and swollen. Cat acne is most commonly seen on the chin and this acne will look like the cat has black dirt on the chin that won't wash off. Symptoms may include red swollen pores or black clogged pores.

Some cats seem to get acne in conjunction with an allergic reaction to plastic food bowls. If you suspect this you may want to switch to metallic bowls and see if that clears the acne up.

I recommend changing to a completely raw diet.


Rub the castor oil on the acne once daily, which will stimulate the clogged pores to pop! Leave on for 12 hours. Then wash the area with a combination of cool chamomile tea, organic apple cider vinegar & colloidal silver in equal amounts. All these products are available in our online shop, the health food store and even the supermarket.

Castor oil is a purgative so don't slap on a large amount - just a little bit & rub in well.

We suggest also using Felixir, our blood cleanser. 
This complex herbal mixture is a primary rehabilitation tonic for cats suffering critical metabolic stress resulting from over-medication, digestive problems, liver damage, poisoning, severe trauma, major illness or surgery. Damage to the liver can have many different causes and effects since the liver plays a role in most metabolic processes in the body.

Normally a single 12-week program is all that is required, although some owners prefer to extend this to a repeat program.

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