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Some cat owners may get stressed when they see their cats outside munching on blades of grass. It is, hoever, common 

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Reasons why cats might might eat grass

  • They use grass as a laxative to enable them to pass hairballs lodged in their intestines.
  • To make them vomit up hairballs.
  • They are feeling sick and this makes them vomit, getting rid of poisons.
  • To relieve inflammation of their throats.
  • To relieve stomach ache.
  • To add roughage to their diets.

It is also the juices of the grass that cats are interested in. It is known that grasses contain folic acid, a vitamin that is vital to cats as it helps in the production of haemoglobin. For a cat to be deficient in folic acid would stunt its growth and may cause anaemia.

If your cats have no access to a garden why don't you plant them some herbs to nibble on. You can purchase catnip and chamomiole and even alfalfa sprouts , just add some water and within a few days your cats should have a lush supply to chew on. 

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