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Heartworm in cats is a potentially fatal problem, caused by parasites. The parasites are transmitted to your cat by mosquito bites, which deposits the heartworm larvae on the cat's skin. Just one heartworm can cause serious injury or death...

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The larvae then migrates through the skin and into the bloodstream where they continue to mature, then ultimately reach the heart and/or lungs.

The common symptoms of a cat infected with the heartworm parasite are;

  • Coughing
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Weight loss
  • Lethargy
  • Vomiting.

As the disease progresses the cat can have convulsions, collapse, and experience sudden death.

There is no officially approved treatment for feline heartworm. Treating a cat with heartworm disease can be risky and difficult. As your cat is treated by your veterinarian and the worms are killed, complications are not uncommon and the cat may die. However, the risks of not treating the cat are also very great. Heartworm is a dangerous condition and difficult to treat. Its a matter of hoping for the best.

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My recommended treatment is based on a concentrated extract of the herb Wormwood along with the Bach Flowers Crab Apple and Walnut and a homeopathic nosode which is specific for the treatment of Heartworms. I also then hope for the best!

It is important to build up the health of the heart to help it recover from the heartworm infestation.  To do this my recommendation is to use the heart tonic. The Heart Tonic is a very safe and reliable herbal treatment which works directly to tune up an under functioning heart and I have used it successfully with my human patients for 20 years. Mostly these patients report an immediate improvement in angina pain and ability to exercise. It works just the same for cats and dogs.

The mixture consists of an extract of a particular Cactus in combination with an extract of fresh Hawthorn leaves, the mix also includes Horsetail, Elecampane, Saw Palmetto and Mugwort along with the Bach Flowers Oak and Rescue Remedy.

Together, these herbs work to regularise and strengthen the electric signals to the heart (the beat) and to nourish and strengthen the heart muscle itself.

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