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The tumours can arise from either deeper or surface layers of skin or the fibrous or fatty tissues. Most benign tumours grow slowly, are well defined and do not appear to be inflamed whereas malignant ones may grow rapidly , ulcerate and can invade adjacent tissues.

I recommend supporting your cat's immunity and recovery by using both the melanoma internal mix and the Melanoma Ointment.  Plus the Maritime Pine bark to support the immune system.Consider a natural and raw diet. If you work hard to boost his system now that the cancer has been removed, you have a real chance of pushing him into a very long and healthy remission.

Melanoma Ointment

Melanomas are skin tumours occuring most commonly on ears and noses, the tumours themselves are black and can occur on the head area. They are often benign but can be malignant. Melanomas can appear small on the outside but internally be invasive.

We are sucessfully treating skin cancers topically with an extract of Elecampane, Equisetum, Thuja and Maritime Pine, with the added Bach Flowers of Honeysuckle and Rescue Remedy, mixed into an ointment base. This preparation is applied once or twice per day directly to the cancer itself.

In some cases it is painful to spread ointment on an active cancer. In these cases we use the herbal concentrate mentioned below which can be sprayed on the area.

Some home remedies, like fresh chickweed juice applied topically, seem to help in many cases but care should be exercised as this juice is highly irritant. It should never be used near sensitive tissues like around the eyes, lips or anal area.

Melanoma Concentrate for External Use

This is for use in those areas that are too awkward or painful to apply the melanoma ointment. Apply to affected area twice daily. Can be mixed with water or Colloidal Silver or Wheatgrass Spray at a concentration of 1 part herbs to 5 to 10 parts water etc.

Melanoma Internal Treatment

The herbal prescription for internal use specifically targets those aspects of the immune system which allowed the tumour to develop in the first place. It contains the Bach Flowers Crab Apple, Honeysuckle and Chestnut Bud as well as the herbs Maritime Pine Bark, Elecampane, Wormwood, Horsetail and Violet Leaves.

These herbs together support the lymphatic system and the process of rejecting the cancers which almost always reduce in size quite quickly.

I am always interested to follow up individual cases of feline cancer cases and encourage you to discuss the progress of each case, with either myself or my staff, after the first month on treatment. The dose for the Maritime Pine and Melanoma support mix will be 5 drops twice daily. As cats are fussy eaters, start them on 2 drops of each twice daily and gradually increase the dose to 5

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