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Symptoms of irritation of the skin (ie agitation, itching, rubbing losing hair) it is well to start the skin allergies/irritation acute mix. That will strengthen the immune system and reduce the over-reaction to what ever the allergen may be.

The blood cleanser can eliminate the build up of toxins in the system, the effects of which you are seeing in the skin.

1) Skin Allergies Mix 

2) Blood cleanser 

3) Raw Diet 

Start with 2 drops of each mix twice daily and slowly increase to 5 drops of each twice daily, mixed in a smelly food like sardines.

This will give you enough for 5 weeks from which we can assess the response to the herbs without outlaying too much money. If the response is good, then you will require a repeat order. It needs to be taken for a complete blood cycle of 12 weeks.

Be careful about the type of flea treatment you use .

It only takes the bite of a single flea to set off the whole inflammatory process and it is very difficult to control fleas on a daily basis. Cats usually acquire the fleas from the environment, so some external flea control may be prudent.

Changing the diet to exclusively raw meat. No tinned or dry cat food at all for a minimum of 12 weeks.


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