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FIV, Feline immunodeficiency virus is the cause of feline AIDS, it is not the same virus as HIV, the cause of human AIDS. It is a virus, much like feline leukemia, which causes an impaired immune system. It can be a fatal disease, and because it lowers an animal's immune system.

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Secondary infections like pneumonia, lymphoma, anemias or other infections usually cause the pet's death. However its possible for a FIV-positive cat to live for many years without any signs of illness.

Risk factors for FIV include age, gender, illness, and time spent outdoors. Older cats are more likely to be infected as are more aggressive male cats that may roam and fight with other cats. Sick cats and free roaming cats are much more likely to have FIV. Transmission is primarily via deep, penetrating bite wounds.

These factors make Feline AIDS quite common and generally is passed on through cats saliva =. This is good reason to make sure cats are locked up at night. There is a vaccination that can be given (to prevent the cat contracting the disease).

FIV is really a problem of the immunity and as a herbalist we can dramatically improve the Cat's immune system. We can do this without compromising any other medication and will support the critical organs and systems within the body.

FIV also effects organs within the body, namely the blood and lymphatic systems. On top of this the medications commonly prescribed also place a heavy load on the metabolism in general.

There will be three mixes in the program;

  1. Maritime Pine Bark Antioxidant
  2. A special mix to help manage the FIV symptoms. This mix includes Golden Seal, Dandelion, Parsley, Violet Leaves, Blue Flag, Thuja, Echinacea along with Oak, Walnut, Olive and Rescue Remedy.
  3. FIV can very well cause a respiratory infection cause by the HIV virus breaking his immunity down and would respond well to my Human Family Flu

The drops should be administered twice per day into smelly food like sardines or something to get her started will clear the infection and if continued will build up the immunity. It would all be fixed within half the bottle. Cats will need to be kept inside of a night time and during winter to make sure they are at less risk of contracting any secondary infections.


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