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Periodontal disease also known as gum disease or gingivitis is the most common oral disease to affect cats. Unhealthy teeth & gums have a greater impact on your cat's body than just causing bad breath, pain & infection.

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Gums have a rich blood supply, therefore bacteria is readily transported to other organs such as the liver, kidneys which if left untreated can cause damage & even organ failure.

Symptoms common to periodontal disease may include;

  • Bad breath
  • Unwillingness to eat
  • Yellow deposits on the teeth
  • Avoiding dry/hard food in favour of softer food
  • Drooling
  • Pawing at the face
  • Pus around the tooth/teeth
  • Gums which bleed easily
  • Red or swollen gums, especially along the gum line
  • Teeth which are loose or missing

Diseases, ulcers of the gums are best avoided by feeding a diet based on raw meat & raw bones.
But if your cat has gum disease then the herbal program we recommend contains herbs to nourish, heal & provide pain relief.

My recommended treatment is; The Anti-Inflammatory Gum oil.

It contains Chamomile, Golden Seal, Slippery Elm, Thyme, White Willow, Yarrow, Dr Bach™ Flowers; Crab Apple, Elm, Mimulus, Rescue Remedy™, Vervain

This combination of herbs added to your choice of Olive or Cod Liver or Flaxseed oil is applied to the gums twice daily with a soft tootbrush will reduce pain & assist with tissue repair.

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