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Hemangiosarcoma is a malignant cancer of the cells that form blood vessels. Because these tumors start in blood vessels, they are frequently filled with blood. Consequently, when a blood-filled tumor ruptures, it can cause problems with internal or external bleeding...

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Hemangiosarcoma is much less common in cats than in dogs, hemangiosarcoma in cats arise about 50% of the time in the abdominal organs and about 50% of the time in subcutaneous tissues. Hemangiosarcoma is considered to be a very aggressive tumor and can spread rapidly to other organs.

In cats, it occurs in older animals and there is no breed predisposition. Since this is a cancer of the blood vessels, it can start anywhere. In cats, this cancer occurs about half the time in internal organs (usually the spleen and liver) and half the time in the skin. These tumors usually spread to the lungs, liver, spleen and heart.

Signs of this disease are usually the result of the tumor rupturing, which causes bleeding. This may occur without any warning, and the symptoms will depend upon where the tumor is located. As humans we are rapidly polluting our environment and food, subverting our natural exercise and recreational needs as well as our community and family support systems more than at any previous time in history and we are now clearly paying the price.

So it is with cats.

I prepare a specific herbal Hemangiosarcoma Cancer Support mixture of concentrated extracts of: Oats, Elecampane, Wormwood, Yarrow, Nettle, Rue and Red Clover along with appropriate Bach Flower Remedies.

This mix is given in conjunction with Maritime Pine super antioxidant, which is derived from the Maritime Pine and together they have the potential to slow down and reverse the development of Hemangiosarcoma.

This type of tumor can have an impact on the heart and lung function. Please keep an eye out for symptoms such as coughing, difficulty with breathing and lethargy.

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