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Cancer is not an axe waiting in the sky to fall on us without warning. We are not selected randomly or because of our genes to develop cancer. For the most part, we have to work pretty hard at getting it and we have to ignore obvious signs along the way that we are moving into higher and higher risk groups. In short we are not powerless to prevent or even to treat cancer ourselves.

The crime and the tragedy is that we are not informed and are not encouraged to believe there is anything we can do for ourselves.

Herbs, Epigenetics and your Immunity

You may have heard about Epigenetics- the idea that our genes are not fixed, and that certain genes can be switched on to health, whilst other cancer causing genes can be switched off.

A study done recently in Thailand shows how herbs alter genes and enzymes – see this link and excerpt from Greenmedinfo.com http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/herbal-medicine-alters-genes-cell-mitosis-and-epigenome  for more details of the studies done and the source documents.

Just recently I came across a web series called “The truth About Cancer” which is hosted by Ty Bollinger. (Here is the link for you- an extremely valuable resource) www.thetruthaboutcancer.com

After watching the first 5 episodes which are filled with the most recent alternative approaches to cancer by extremely well qualified Medical Doctors and Oncologists as well as  Scientists and Researchers and Herbalists, has provided me with further evidence that Herbal Medicine and Food  is a key factor in the prevention and care of all patients with Cancer, which is the basis for my approaches to Human and Animal health.

Cancer is really a “Housekeeping Problem”

We all produce new and replacement cells every day, many millions of them each week. All our bones, all our fluids and all our tissues are made of cells and all of these are regularly checked and replaced as required or according to an average life expectancy or utility of each and every type of cell or tissue. Some of these replacements are defective (maybe more in this age than before). We do have however a marvellous Immune system which is constantly alert and checking all new cells, all old cells, all damaged cells, all foreign cells and constantly digesting and recycling them to keep us well and free from all illness including cancer.

Cancer develops when the Immune System can’t keep up with the job at hand.

This can be that the immunity is weakened or that the workload is too high (too many defective, old, damaged or foreign cells to deal with). Usually of course, cancer is a problem of both the vitality of the immune System, and of its workload.

Our ancestors evolved in smoky, poorly lit and “unhygienic” caves, ate irregularly of an enormous variety of food both very good and very poor. They lived in a wide variety of temperatures and climates and used their common sense and the plants around them to heal their wounds and illnesses. It is true that infant mortality was probably very high, especially in poor seasons (rather like sheep on the modern farm) but it is also true that those members who survived childhood certainly had very strong Immune systems and probably lived in good health to a reasonable age.

We all carry with us this flexibility to live under a wide variety of conditions and to deal with a wide variety of food substances. Don't think just of the modern Westerner living and eating in his “hygienic” environment think also of Refugees, Prisoners, Arctic Explorers, Castaways and Derelicts.

What is different is what we have done to ourselves and to our environment. The air and the rivers and the oceans of the world are now all polluted. Our food has been irradiated, or is full of chemical colourings and flavours and sugars, or is preserved with chemicals and carries traces of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Probably all of the above. Our bodies have been subjected to injections of all sorts of strange chemical or bio-chemical substances. There was lead in our paint and in our petrol, there is mercury in our teeth, there is electromagnetic radiation passing through us every minute of the day and we live lives at a pace and at levels of stress and more isolated from our natural support structures than ever before in the history of mankind.

It is impossible to imagine that the net effect of what we have done to ourselves and to our planet , thinking that there would be  no repercussions.

For Science and Government and Industry to say that Cancer is some sort of defect in our Genes, which they can fix, is asinine.

We are responsible for what we eat, and how we look after ourselves . Any action that is pro health, is anti inflammatory and is therefore anti cancer.

The key elements of Cancer prevention

  1. Food/Nutrition- alkalizing and anti- inflammation diets using herbs and plants and removing white processed foods –sugar and white flours
  2. Daily exercise and good sleep
  3. Environmental detoxification and systemic detoxification- through specific herbal therapy and chelation therapy
  4. Anti bacterial/anti microbial therapy/anti parasitic therapy – through specific herbal therapy
  5. Immunity boosting and organ support- through specific herbal therapy
  6. Spiritual/emotional/mental health – to be considered as the encapsulating factor and influencing all the above.

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