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In the modern day, herpes is nothing more than a reflection of a depleted immune system. In earlier generations, before the abuse of antibiotics and drugs, the herpes virus was not nearly as rampant and more easily managed by the average person's natural immunity.


In fact herpes may be used as a health indicator and those times when it is not active will be the times your immunity is in better shape. It can be reactivated by minor infections, trauma, stress and sun or wind exposure. If you make certain adjustments to your lifestyle and diet which allow it to recede there is no need for it ever to be active. L-Lycine is helpful but this is not a single cure condition. Lysine rich foods are helpful - fish, chicken, legumes, turkey and most vegetables. Avoid the arginine rich foods such as chocolate, seeds, almonds and peanuts.

The simplest two steps to boost physical immunity is to drink regularly (2 cups daily for example), rosehips tea to assist with the upper end of the immunity. For the lower end of the immunity you can do no better than taking a daily supplement of Maritime Pine Bark!

Immunity is also affected by emotional stress of course and Vitamin B's are the best way to support the restoration of emotional vitality apart from changing those things which are causing the stresses. Vitamin C and Zinc are also beneficial.

Tea tree Oil and Coconut Oil Balm

Tea tree oil is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and can help dry out the cold sore and fight infection. Coconut oil is also a natural anti-viral. Mix 1 teaspoon of coconut oil with about 20 drops of pure, organic high-grade essential oil together in a small container and apply 5-6 times a day (liberally before bed!). You can read more about tea tree here

McDowells Products

Herpes Mix
Our internal herpes mix contains 
herbs which have traditionally been used in viral conditions, to help support the immune system and help to support the affected tissues. It includes: Maritime Pine Bark, Elecampane, Hypericum, Blue Flag, Cleavers, Valerian, Scullcap, Rosehips and Liquorice, along with the Bach Flower Remedies: Mimulus, Chestnut Bud, Crab Apple, Vervain and Wild Rose.

Skin Irritant Cream
The skin irritants cream can be used as a topical application as it contains herbs traditionally used to heal.

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