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What we must never forget is that the pressure ultimately is coming from lobbyists working for the Pharmaceutical Companies and that there are risks to our own and our children's health whenever we vaccinate.

The usual propaganda revolves around motherhood and public responsibility arguments such as;

* How could you expose your child to dangerous illnesses when vaccinations are available to prevent their contracting such illnesses?
* How could you risk infecting other children if your un-vaccinated child were to be carrying an illness?

We have also been lead to believe that vaccinations have improved the health of human kind generally and that it is theoretically possible to rid the world of certain illnesses if only we can get everyone vaccinated.

Some of the facts that bear upon the matter are as follows;

* The most serious illnesses which have plagued mankind since he began travelling widely and living in cities (Diphtheria, Typhoid, Plague of various sorts, T.B., Small Pox, Cholera, and Syphilis) have largely disappeared in all communities where the levels of personal hygiene, community hygiene like water quality and sewage management, and public awareness generally, have improved.
* The reduction in incidence of these diseases happened to the same degree in countries that were using the new vaccines, this century as in those European countries that chose not to. Despite arguments to the contrary, there is no real evidence to demonstrate that vaccination had anything much to do with the modern decline of any of these illnesses.
* The illnesses responsible for much of the infant mortality in previous ages; Diphtheria, Diarrhoea, Pneumonia, Mastoid Bone Infection, Runaway Temperature, Meningitis etc, can largely be managed with orthodox or natural medical techniques along with proper mothering as appropriate.
* There is a statistically measurable danger of damaging side effects to the Measles, Diphtheria, Small Pox, Cholera and Typhoid vaccines. If these vaccinations are given to anyone who is not in perfect health and protected from the shock this risk is increased.
* The oral Salk vaccine for Polio is safe and there are available simple safe and cheap oral homoeopathic vaccinations for all of the conditions above which are at least as effective as the injectable ones and have no dangerous side effects what-so-ever.


We still seem to be left with some of the worrying ones which as parents we have to deal with.

Whooping Cough:
Is scary for the parents and the child but you need to know that permanent damage from Whooping Cough is rare in children. Rescue Remedy shock treatment should be given to both parents and child and a sip of Red Clover tea taken between whoops is an effective family first aid. Other simple herbal mixes can be formulated to assist and you should take the child to the Hospital Emergency Service in an extreme case. You do have time with this one.

As for Whooping Cough it can be scary at 2am. If an attack develops you should generate steam, say in the shower, and get through the episode by having the child breathe in this steam. Reassure and calm the child and give Rescue Remedy to both the child and the parent. Peppermint oil can be evaporated in a vaporiser. Hang in there and wait for the condition to ease. Go to the Hospital Emergency Service in a case where it doesn't ease off with these strategies.

Will not sterilise the male child unless complications develop which are not treated. Watch for swelling of the testes and have this dealt with herbally with a simple mixture containing the herb Phytolacca. Alternatively, ask your herbalist for such a mixture to provide protection against complications if your child develops mumps.

Is a management problem. Quiet, dark surroundings, very low stimulation, lots of fluids and 5 days mothering. I am certain the effect of television on the inflamed optic nerve and the impatience and carelessness of some mothering are the primary reasons that this illness is now producing brain damage in some cases. I also know of enough cases of such brain damage occurring shortly after the measles vaccination to have never exposed any of my own children to this risk.

It is difficult not to be afraid of Tetanus and I often recommend that parents do consider this injection after a deep, dirty puncture injury. The body will however eject foreign substances from such wounds if a Castor Oil pad is applied over them and left overnight. I personally use this procedure instead of tetanus injections for my own family.

Maybe it is OK to vaccinate an elderly person with a history of severe chest problems before the winter or before an expected epidemic. Marketing efforts nowadays are encouraging to use this vaccine routinely on children as a convenience vaccine. This I oppose as the effect is to subvert the normal development of our immune system.

The naturopathic view of the development of a child's immunity is worth reviewing here because we must always ask ourselves what the long-term effects of interfering in this process might be.

Mother's milk provides 4 to 6 months immune protection (depending of course on the state of her own immune system) and this is important. As this protection quite naturally diminishes the child's own system begins to experience the environment as it is, and to develop its own immunity.

A child should get coughs and colds and runny noses and we as parents, should support the natural resolution all these processes to help the child through, without interfering or taking over as far as possible. Each time the developing immunity wins a brush with nature it emerges stronger as it was programmed to do. If we routinely interfere, our children can only carry a weakened immune system with them into adulthood and we are already beginning to see global effects of such interferences.

How reduce the risks to yourself and your child from any vaccination:
We must understand that the primary danger of vaccinations is that they administer a profound shock to our immune systems primarily because some exotic substance turns up in our blood stream without warning. Our immune system was designed to detect strange or dangerous substances as they enter our bodies through the digestive system for example or through the skin as in the case of an injury. The body then has a chance to prepare itself to deal with the challenge. In the case of an injectable there is no warning and the immune system can be seen as going into panic mode every time we are injected with anything at all. These shocks accumulate and rather than improving the health of human kind generally we have compromised the health of the whole of mankind through our injections.

To support the immune system in any case where injectable vaccination is considered necessary, it is crucially important to choose a time when the person is fully healthy and their immune system is not engaged fighting other battles. If we firstly prepare the patient with a few doses of Rescue Remedy and then place a half a lemon or an ice pack immediately over the puncture wound, we can dramatically slow down the uptake into the blood of the vaccination material. In addition, if we provide the patient with a herbal mixture containing the herbs Garlic and Thuja along with more rescue remedy, we can substantially reduce the risk of complications developing and protect the immunity against the worst of the shock.

My advice is still to seek out homoeopathic vaccinations, which are given orally and have no detrimental side effects either from shock or from the specific illness targeted.

How to challenge those insisting that you vaccinate yourself or your children:
The most effective way to support your desire to avoid injectable vaccines is to present those who are going to administer them with a paper to sign. This paper states that that the vaccinations are to be administered against your will and better judgement. It also states that those responsible for insisting you vaccinate must sign the paper accepting total responsibility for any and all possible side effects from the procedure, including anaphylactic shock, which could result immediately or at any time in the future.

Then wait for the paper to come back with an appropriate signature on it.

Your paper will never come back signed because there are significant, proven, dangerous and well documented side effects and it is a judgement call as to whether the risk from the illness or from the vaccination is greater.

The following letter was one I wrote in 1995 to the local newspaper, when my youngest son first attended school and we as parents were threatened with having to withdraw any un-vaccinated child from the school during any epidemic of childhood illness:

Compulsory Vaccination?

The phones ran hot at my Sons' Primary School yesterday, as the Department of Health activated its latest program to try to increase the levels of Vaccination amongst School Children.

We have all been softened up by the propaganda put out over the media lately and now we are being coerced into a program that some of us have serious reservations about.

The variation in tactics is what interests me most. Previously efforts have been made to have us "toe the line" by National or State Wide (motherhood) advertising initiatives which the Health Department has obviously found ineffective. Now the tactics are to (divide and conquer) by telling each School to take the heat upon themselves by banning ' un-immunised' children from attending class for specific periods during any outbreak. This, in the expectation that busy or over committed or lazy parents, one small group at a time, will 'cave in' under the pressure of having to look after and educate their own children during these periods.

Under the new tactics runs the sub-text of 'non immunising parents' being 'socially irresponsible', 'bad, uncaring and irresponsible parents', and their children being 'carriers' of disease.

As a practitioner of Alternative Medicine I know there is much more to the story than the simplistic presentations which suggest that 'sticking a needle in the arm of every child in the country will solve our problems.'

Some of the following facts have never been satisfactorily dealt with in the debate:

* The historic link between vaccination programs and reduction in specific diseases worldwide is tenuous at best.
* No illness has ever been completely stamped out by such programs.


The risks associated with needle vaccinations are never properly explained. Equally important, the authorities that insist that we expose our children to such risks are not prepared to acknowledge or to take any responsibility for children damaged by vaccinations.

Many, if not most, of the cases of Measles and Whooping Cough for example, are occurring amongst school children that have in fact been vaccinated. We are not told this. We are left to assume that the new cases are all amongst the un-vaccinated group.

There are safe viable alternatives both in vaccination and disease management that confer at least equal levels of protection against infection and improve illness outcomes. These alternatives are always dismissed out of hand by the orthodoxy. That is Scientific Medicine; Medical Bureaucracy; Medical Politics; and the Pharmaceutical Industry.

These four groups have presided over the emergence of the major health problem of the 20th Century, which is the present failure of Anti-biotic Therapy. This has come about through the systematic abuse of antibiotics and inappropriate over prescription of these wonderful drugs during the past 50 years to the extent that now they no longer work.

This abuse has created a whole new range of drug resistant infections that make Hospitals dangerous place to be exposed to. Medicine and the medical industry is in crisis. Many thousands of people in Australia alone, who have become dependent on antibiotics, will suffer horribly as the last remaining antibiotics begin to fail within the next year or so.

This is quite apart from the links between Cancers and AIDS and modern medical and chemical practices.

The current Witch Hunt for us un-immunising parents is a 'red herring.' It takes the attention away from the bigger problems. And is a 'nice little earner' for the Drug Companies.

Most of us un-immunising parents are like those who do not carry private medical insurance. We simply do not believe medical authority any more. You have, and you continue to abuse medical drugs and ask us to accept your mistakes and your side effects. Our credulity has reached its limits. You must realise that your constituency no longer, and will never again passively accept, the word, of the man in the white coat; or with the Ph.D.; or the politician with our 'best interests at heart'.

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