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Gout is a form of rheumatoid arthritis. Crystals derived from excess uric acid settle as tophi in the ears , thumbs , heel, ankle, instep or toes causing inflammation and excruciating pain.

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It means the kidneys are upset (and disease can result if not treated) because they can't keep up with the uric acid secretion.

It implies a sedentary lifestyle with too much alcohol (usually beer) and purine rich meat.

  • Epsom salt bath -available at the chemist or grocery store assists uric acid secretion through the skin.
  • Put feet up to ease some pain.
  • Drink 1.5 litres of water or rosehip tea
  • Controlled weight loss.-most important dietary related factor.
  • Avoid pain killers made from salicylates (aspirin) as these also inhibit uric acid secretions.
  • Boost fluid intake to assist kidneys-drink rosehip tea 3 times per day.
  • Eat fresh or canned cherries or blueberries daily - lower uric acid levels and prevent new attacks . contain proanthocyanidins that prevent collagen destruction. Frozen blueberries or cherries may not have all the sugar.
  • Cut out purine rich foods such as liver, kidneys, sardines, mussels, beer, meat extracts, anchovies.
  • Beer is a problem because it inhibits uric acid excretion.
  • Reduce any thing with white flour ie bread, biscuits, cakes etc.
  • Side effects of colchicine from doctors are many, gastro effects, hair loss, liver damage to name just a few.

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