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Fungal Infection between the toes is common in those who wear shoes and socks most of the time and who have damp feet, either due to perspiration, or because they don't properly dry between their toes after bathing. {addart product_sku=610}

Once such an infestation is well established it is difficult to remove without taking special care to dry between toes after every exposure to fresh water, and to leave the feet uncovered by socks and shoes for long periods.

A summer holiday at the beach is an ideal opportunity to work on eliminating an established infection. Salt water, walking barefoot and staying out of shoes all help while you attack the infection.

Fungi cannot live on healthy skin but can colonise skin which has somehow been weakened because fungal infestations thrive in moist, warm and protected environments and between the toes which are in a sock and shoe most of the time is just such a suitable situation for them.

Further a typical fungal ear infestation will, while active, further irritate the skin of the inner ear to provide a larger environment in which to thrive.

The ideal herbal combination to force the fungi into dormancy is a blend of Cider Vinegar with Alcohol and a herb called Thuja along with the Bach Flower Remedy Crab Apple.

In combination this mix will dry out the skin between the toes and leave a fine layer of acetic acid (from the Vinegar) on the skin along with a residue of this herb (Thuja). This situation is definitely not conducive to fungal growth so it becomes dormant.

By regular exposure to open air and long period without shoes you can heal the skin completely so that the fungus cannot thrive and choses to leave.

This treatment is a highly reliable one, one which involves no risk, drugs or danger to your health. It involves nothing more than a period of extra care and treatment and then you can forget about it altogether.

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