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Duodenal ulcers can be a chronic problem. They are created when there is an imbalance between acids, pepsin and the protective mechanisms of the digestive system. Coffee and alcohol being strong stimulants will exacerbate the problem.
Research shows that 90-95% of patients with duodenal ulcers have helicobactor pylori , so this should be checked out and treated with garlic, thyme and cinnamon.

Smoking can also be a large contributing factor as is stress and anger in particular. So emotional issues need to be addressed.

The herbs to assist this are Scullcap, Valerian or Siberian ginseng

Helpful Hints:
Regular meals not on the run.
Less protein as it stimulates gastric acids.
No bedtime snacks.
Liquorice DGL lozenges or liquorice tea enhances protection-30 minutes before eating.
Golden seal tablets
Chamomile tea
Avoid bitters
Slippery elm powder -1 teaspoon before meals mixed with yoghurt or stewed fruit.

I hope this is helpful and all the best Judith Burton


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