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Stomach cramps are muscular contractions of the strong muscle that forms the wall of the stomach. The stomach is meant to contract rhythmically at times to mix food in stomach acids and to protect the stomach wall lining from acid attack by stimulating mucus production from the lining.

A cramp is where the regular contractions are replaced by a spasm. Coffee does this to some people.

The peristaltic motion is controlled by the parasympathetic nervous system and this in turn is supported by the herb chamomile.

I suggest you make up this herb tea and dilute some favorite fruit drink 50:50 with the tea so it is palatable to your children and have them drink this habitually to see if the cramp response goes away.

Stress does not necessarily mean emotional stress, there is a metabolic stress associated with a growth spurt . At certain ages children are eating more to keep up with this growth which can create this.

Emotional anxiety can also cause stomach discomfort, it is important that you sort out any worries that your child may have at school, where they are cared for or anything they may have overheard on the news or parent talks.

Herbal Treatment for Stomach Cramps

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