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Horseshoe kidney can be found more so in males then females & occurs at around 1 in every 400-800 births. If you have this condition you need to be made aware of the importance of the kidneys & how they function in the body & there is quite a lot of information on the web concerning this condition. Basically the kidney is the organ whose principal function is to filter toxins from the blood and maintain an appropriate chemical environment so that the body's other organ systems can function properly. Other functions that the kidneys serve include maintaining appropriate blood pressure and ensuring that enough red blood cells are produced by the bone marrow.

By itself, the horseshoe kidney does not produce symptoms. However it is statistically more likely to be predisposed to a higher incidence of disease then compared to a normal kidney. This can be due to variable blood supply, presence of the isthmus , (the bit that joins the kidneys together) high insertion point, and abnormal course of the ureters, (the tubes that run the urine to the bladder), can all contribute to these problems.

Because of this you may be more susceptible to kidney stone formation, infection etc.

The treatment I recommend will be supportive of this condition to boost & maintain the health of the kidneys.

  1. Make Rosehips tea a regular drink as it contains all the ingredients to help maintain healthy kidney function.
    This can be drunk hot or cold. Sweeten with honey if needed as a hot drink. Cold; make up a litre with 2 t bags of rosehips & sweeten with Ribena/Blackcurrant juice, cool in fridge & you have a great tonic that tastes wonderful & will also boost the energy levels.
    Don't encourage caffeinated teas, coffees or any carbonated or alcoholic drinks, which will greatly stress the kidneys ability to function.
  2. Is to maintain a strong immunity & the health of the kidney's, therefore I recommend the following herbal products.

Maritime Pine Bark

Kidney Rehabilitation mix

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