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There are several distinctly different reasons behind migraine and the first thing is to establish which of these are involved.

Dehydration Migraine

Most commonly involving habitually not drinking enough fluid of any sort. Many people will go all day and it really doesn't occur to them to drink or at least no more than to wet their mouth just enough to take the feeling of thirst away. This type of dehydration headache comes on in the afternoon and is the easiest to test for because you simply make sure that you drink 3 - 4 full glasses of water through the day.

Not drinking enough is a seriously bad habit and can have all sorts of other sorts of repercussions throughout a persons life and a dehydration migraine is really only an alarm bell ringing.

Neck Tension Migraine

Most commonly found in people who carry their responsibilities, or the 'weight of the world' on their shoulders. It is easy to test for this one also as there is always a serious amount of neck tension involved. Feel how soft the muscles at the base of the neck and top of the shoulders are and massage the tension out. Have a series of professional massages (not chiropractic adjustment in the first instance) and systematically work down through the accumulated tension and notice how much this breaks into the pattern of migraine occurrences.

Then ask yourself why your are responding in this way to tension. Often these types are striving too hard for perfection or in a situation which has them perceiving that they are responsible for too much or are desperately trying to please.

Liver Based Migraine

This type is triggered by certain foods and if you watch carefully you can probably begin to associate the onset of this type of headache with some particular food. Usually some sort of junk food involving too much oil, or artificial colour or flavour. In adults often red wine or cheese for example can be involved.

Besides trying to improve the diet and avoiding clear triggers, I prescribe liver tonics in these cases and look also to the stress handling responses of the person as they often have a more sensitive than normal liver due to their internalising stresses in such a way as to upset the liver. Once again this sort of stress handling behaviour is more likely to be learned from parents and there are lessons to be learned from such a headache pattern in a young person and opportunities to avoid a whole pattern of problems in later life which can result.

Please give some thought to the possibility that one or more of the above situations may be involved in your so called "migraine".

Never be happy to continue taking strong pain medication as a migraine sufferer on any sort of long term basis as these medications are just masking the problem and avoiding the underlying problem.

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