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My Experience:

Over 20 years as a professional herbalist I have had many hundreds of patients start a consultation with me by saying "I want to lose some weight!"

Most of these patients are serious and responsible people and most of them have made reasonably serious efforts to lose weight using many of the standard (and some of the more frivolous) recommendations about diet and exercise. My patients tend not to be diet junkies or pill poppers and I don't know whether that is because of the area I live in, or the reputation I have as a healer.

My overweight patients also tend to come to me when they have exhausted other alternatives and they are looking for answers as to why they in particular, are finding it so difficult to get down to a healthy weight.

I treat all such cases seriously and I am quite quickly able to identify for each individual the particular metabolic, constitutional, and/or nervous system patterns at work in their own case.

I am then able to explain to them why it is that they tend to accumulate and carry around more than a healthy amount of weight and what they can do to improve their chances of getting it under control.

Self Diagnosis:

For my growing numbers of international clients, who cannot come for a face-to-face consultation, I have summarized the 12 major categories into which weight loss patients fall, and I have provided 12 distinct herbal formulations, which suit each of the categories.

If you are able to identify yourself, the one or more categories into which your weight control problems fall, through your own experience and research in trying to control your own weight, I can recommend one or a combination of the following herbal tonics, which will definitely support your efforts to get on top of your problems once and for all.

Cautions and Reassurances:

I hasten to add, that I am available at all times to provide individual advice or online consultation services Online Consultation for each and every patient who comes to me through my website. I cannot however take responsibility for any enthusiastic elimination processes, which could be triggered, by taking any one of the formulations.

What I can say by way of reassurance, is that I have chosen the herbs carefully for each of the formulations to be safe for anyone to take without adverse or dangerous side effects. If you have a diagnosed condition including pregnancy, or if you are allergic or hyper-reactive to foods or medications, or on medication for any other condition, it is prudent to contact me personally before making your own diagnosis and ordering any of my herbal weight loss support formulations.

Please also cease immediately taking a particular formula, if you notice any adverse indications whatsoever and consult with me before restarting the program. In most cases an adverse indication will merely be the body adjusting to new elimination patterns or vitality within various systems, but is important to pause, take stock and get advice, before resuming the program.

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