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In our species it is normal to contract respiratory system infections in the first few years of our lives.

When we are born, we have fully developed resistance to things that we may ingest or which may infect us through damage to our skin.

However we don’t take our first breath until we leave the womb, and although we are initially protected by piggy backing on our mothers immunity through breast milk, this only lasts for 6 months. At this time this protection switches off and we are left to develop our own immunity to the multitude of bugs that we are exposed to in our air.

This is all as it should be and the experience that parents have of their children getting lots of infections during their early teething is also how is should be.

We were provided with the caring instincts and herbs that we were meant to use to help our babies over these first few years while their own immune system develops to maturity. Properly encouraged and supported, by the age of around 7 years, our children should be able to throw off even a pretty severe respiratory infection after a fever and illness of 2 or 3 days maximum.

We used to give rosehips syrup, hot lemon drinks and all sorts of gargles and poultices made from herbs to help our systems fight the infections and emerge stronger with each exposure.

Needless to say, through intervention in every infection with antibiotics and every fever with aspirin, we have subverted this normal process and many of our children never really develop their own immunity at all well and can be prone to such infections all their lives.

Whooping Cough is a situation where a particular bacterial infestation coupled with an irritation of the Bronchiales sets up a deep and painful Cough that is very frightening and seems to build upon itself and not reach any sort of end on its own. The cough itself further irritates the linings of the Bronchiales and this accounts for it continuing with our resolution.

In earlier times treatment revolved upon using herbs whose main action were to soothe the linings of the throat and bronchial tubes and I include such herbs to my standard respiratory system immunity mixes.

The specific mix I make up for Whooping Cough includes the following; Yarrow, Garlic, Rosehips, Ginger, Liquorice, Kelp, Marshmallow, Golden Seal and Thyme with the Bach Flower Remedies Rock Rose, Cherry Plum, Mimulus and Rescue Remedy.

This mixture given three times daily in a hot Rosehips and Lemon drink clear the infection and soothe the linings of the throat and bronchial tubes. If given as a course it will build up the immunity and make future attacks less likely.

The mix may also be used during an attack either by mixing a full sized dose in with a little water and giving it in small sips during a bout of coughing or by mixing it into honey and giving this in small doses during a bout.

You must carefully monitor your patient during a bout of Whooping Cough and be prepared to quickly transfer them to the emergency ward of a hospital, if the mix does not seem to be bringing the coughing fit under control.

If however the mix is helping and the attack is not too serious, it is better to persist rather to add the further stress and trauma associated with an emergency trip to Hospital away from the comfort of familiar surroundings and faces.

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