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Smokers may have high stress lives or jobs that makes them become irritated and snappy. They may be the type with a driven impulsive personality or live completely for their work.

In the energetic sense smoking is a way of placing a smoke screen over the heart Chakra. This is to say it helps protect you from others seeing what you really have in your heart. If you fill you lungs constantly with smoke and toxins you somehow protect your heart from exposing its innermost feelings, normally because you are afraid of opening up and being hurt. Another way of protecting yourself from being hurt is to build up a bigger layer of padding around you.

My mix includes a range of herbs to support the heart, strengthen and clean the lungs, boost the immune system and adrenalin as well as encourage overall circulation. Hawthorn, Cactus, Liquorice, Elecampane, Gelsemium, Mullein, Oats, Maritime Pine Bark and Rosehips as well as the Bach Flowers Larch, Aspen, Walnut, Wild Oat and Honeysuckle.

Of course, neither smoke nor padding really helps at all, but giving up both these screening strategies involves enormous courage in facing up to the issue of why you are so afraid of exposing your feelings.

Maritime Pine Bark

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