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Hormonal Migraines are normally directly related to the female hormonal cycle and occur either mid month around ovulation time, or immediately prior to menstruation.

It may also be that your migraine pattern is really one of the other types, but just that at period time, the extra load on the system will trigger the headache. In these cases, it is useful to combine both the Hormonal Migraine Program with the other one appropriate to the case.

Please give some thought to the possibility that one or more of the factors may be involved in your "migraine" pattern and pass your observations back to me so that I can make further suggestions or prepare an appropriate herbal treatment to assist in altering the underlying problems involved.

The herbal mix I prepare to reduce the hormonal effects which can trigger a migraine includes:- Vervain, Pulsatilla, Phytolacca, Wild Yam, Rosehips, Chamomile, Blue Flag, Ginseng, and St.Mary's Thistle as well as the Bach Flowers Scleranthus, Honeysuckle, Vine and Walnut.

Never be happy to routinely take strong pain medication for migraine headaches. Such practices do nothing at all to address the underlying causes and on a long term basis, these medications are going to damage your health.



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