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Herbs have traditionally been used to assist a person to come back to a healthy state of well being. Individual herbs, specifically prescribed for a particular situation may assist the body to come back into balance, thereby allowing a healthy homeostasis to be reinstated as nature intended. The herbalist looks to the whole person, their values and attitudes as well as their circumstances and physical condition along with other aspects of their individuality. This is in marked contrast to the allopathic medicine approach.

Below you will find an example of selected herbs for a particular condition. Herbal support can take a variety of forms and combinations, so it is vital that each person consult directly with a qualified holistic practitioner to gain the full benefit of immunity and health building support.

Focal Dystonia of the hand can be genetic in origin or caused by environmental factors . It is characterized by a loss of motor control of one or more fingers, muscles in the hand or arm may tighten, cramp and curl.

Focal dystonia can be a problem for musicians who do hours of practise over many years. Even though this condition effects the muscles its origins lie in the central nervous system . The functions of motor control in the body cross over from the right side of the body to the left side of the brain. One to one correspondence between input and output of the brain becomes blurred and specific movements of fingers can no longer be controlled.

My mix for this highly frustrating and uncomfortable condition include Hypericum,Mugwort, Equisetum, Chamomile, Black Cohosh, Maritime Pine bark, Saw Palmetto and Parsley as well as the Bach Flowers Cerato , Rock Water and Honeysuckle.

In combination these herbs support the strained central nervous system, release any cramps and reduce pain and tension.

Maritime Pine Bark

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