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An aneurysm is a bulge or dilation in the wall of an artery, usually the aorta, mostly the section that runs through the abdomen. This type of aneurysm usually runs in families.

Aneurysms can result from arteriosclerosis that weakens the artery wall, blood clots (thrombus) may also develop within the aneurism. High blood pressure and cigarette smoking both increase the risk of aneurysms.

Initial symptoms may be a pulsing sensation in the abdomen then a deep penetrating pain in the back. The first sign of a rupture may be excruciating pain in the lower abdomen and back . This is accompanied by severe internal bleeding that can result in shock and death.

McDowell's herbal Practice prescribe herbs to strengthen the artery wall, support heart function, and stablise blood pressure spikes.

  • Aneurysm Support Mix: Rue, Nettle, Yarrow, Oats, Mistletoe, Cactus, Hawthorn and Rosehips as well as the Bach Flowers Elm, Vervain, Oak and Impatiens.
  • Drinking lemon water and eating buck wheat will also add to Rutin levels that will strengthen blood vessels.

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