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Embolisms are the result of a thrombus (clot) in the deep veins that has become dislodged from the vein wall and is now floating along in the blood stream which can then lodge in a narrow artery and obstruct blood flow.

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If the embolism travels from the legs and depending on its size it can obstruct pulmonary arteries and quickly cause death.

Embolisms are not to be confused with phlebitis which is a painful condition of inflamed varicose veins but is relatively harmless.

There are three main reasons for deep vein thrombosis.

  • Slowing of blood flow as in prolonged bed rest and/or inactivity due to sitting while travelling.
  • Injury to the lining of the vein as in surgery.
  • Increased tendency for blood to clot as in some cancers and rarely with contraceptive use .

About half the sufferers of DVT have no symptoms at all. in the others with inflammation and blood flow obstruction there can be swelling and pain in the calf, also the ankle , foot and thigh depending on the veins affected.

The edema is worse towards the end of the day and subsides over night when the legs are raised.
A late symptom is a discolouration of the skin above the ankle where red blood cells have escaped into the skin, this skin is very vulnerable and is easily injured causing ulcers.

Prevention for those having surgery or sitting for long periods can be simple in the habit of flexing and extending feet.

A herbal mix for this condition includes Mistletoe, Nettle ,Rue, Oats, Fenugreek, White Willow, Black Cohosh and Garlic along with the Bach Flowers Wild Oats, Honeysuckle, Cerato, Vine and Beech.

Legs carry us forward in life, so leg problems indicate on an emotional level some reluctance or fear of moving forward.

Clots, swelling and stiffness indicate a stagnation in emotional thinking, a difficulty being flexible. 

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