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The circulatory system is comprised of three sets of vessels, the arteries, the veins and the lymphatic vessels and the blood flow is driven by the heart and supported by muscularity within the vessel walls and the movement of muscles generally. Valves located along the vessels, both large and small, govern the direction of flow.

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The arteries and veins travel throughout the whole body supplying blood to every part and collecting the used blood returning it to the heart.

Poor circulation in the extremities manifesting in the difficulty of healing sores in the legs of older patients is common, and can be extremely uncomfortable and debilitating. It is however rather a simple matter to improve the circulation and the quality of the blood reaching the lower legs. Even a little improvement in the amount of oxygen in the blood reaching the area will make all the difference.

In such a mixture I include the following herbs; Rosehips, Nettle, Prickly Ash, Hawthorne, Cactus, Elecampane and Rue. In the Bach Flower range I would include Olive in this mix.

A course of this herbal mix along with perhaps; including a little more exercise, perhaps regular gentle leg massage to get the blood flowing as well and the use of Rosehips Tea daily to support iron levels in the blood will make an immediate difference to the circulation and will quickly heal the ulcers.

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