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The circulatory system consists of three sets of vessels, which run to all parts of your body, the arteries, the veins and the lymphatic system.

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  1. The arteries carry fresh oxygenated blood from the heart to feed all the cells of the body.
  2. The veins pick up all the depleted blood which has exchanged its oxygen for the waste products of cell metabolism back through organs like the Kidneys, Liver and Spleen to clear out these waste products and return the purified blood to the heart.
  3. The Lymphatic System picks up other waste products and toxins along with fluids that leak from cells and from blood vessels returns this material to the Venus system so these fluids also may be purified. Interestingly our lymph system moves between 4-6 pm each day so a good walk at this time actually assists it to do its work.

Our lungs take up oxygen from the air we breathe into our red blood cells and this oxygen provides energy and life to every cell in our body. If we are not delivering enough oxygen to our cells we cannot oxidise impurities and maintain cell health and vitality and we suffer from a lack of energy and a build-up of toxins in our system.

Oxygenation in turn depends on breathing deeply and efficiently, on the health of our blood vessels and cardiovascular system generally, and on the quality of our red blood cells, which in turn depends on the health of our bone marrow and spleen.

This is another reason why we should do some moderate physical work or exercise daily (or at least use the stairs rather than the elevator at times), so that we can exercise our lungs, heart and circulation system.

Smoking of course is the main way we deliberately abuse our heart, lungs and circulation and we directly poison and damage permanently all three systems through cigarette smoking. It is never too soon or to late to give up this habit and today would be the best day of all. Nicotine actually constricts blood vessels therefore slowing the circulation. Spasms (occurring for various reasons) of the small blood vessels causes constant cold and bluishness in the hands and feet. Exposure to cold or an emotional stimulation to the sympathetic nervous system can also cause arterial spasms.

To improve the circulation to the extremities and to improve health and vitality which is lacking through inefficiencies in these systems I prepare a blend of concentrated herbal extracts consisting of Cactus, Hawthorne, Rosehips, Rue, Yarrow, Elecampane, Nettle and Prickly Ash and include the Bach Flower remedies Wild Rose, Oak and Gorse.

This mixture, taken as a supplement, 20 drops three times a day with a full glass of Rosehip tea, will ensure that the circulation of your feet and hands work efficiently and your blood will carry much more oxygen to the cells of your extremities.

Nobody with insufficient oxygen in the blood and too many toxins building up in their system, can enjoy full happiness, mental alertness and physical vitality and neither can they resist illnesses effectively, from the Common Cold to Cancer.

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