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Fatty tumours, or lipomas, may be large or small and can occur anywhere, but are most commonly found in the armpit, side, and abdominal area. Fatty tumours can grow to enormous sizes and because of this sometimes have to be removed.

A Lipoma is a benign fatty lump. They are very common in older, middle-aged dogs. Overweight female dogs are especially prone to developing Lipomas.

Certain dog breeds may be at risk, including, but not limited to: Doberman Pinschers, Schnauzers (miniatures), Labrador Retrievers, and mixed breeds. They can also appear in cats and horses, but not as often. Lipomas are usually just under the skin, but they can be locally invasive, meaning they are meshed with muscle or connective tissue. Lipomas can also have additional blood or connective tissue as part of the growth. These growths can appear anywhere on the body, but they are most frequently located on the belly (mid-chest and down) and upper legs.

McDowell's Herbal prepare a specific Fatty Tumour Program, which includes three products to treat the issue.

The Fatty Tumour Mix includes Fenugreek, Agrimony, Dandelion, Violet Leaves, Garlic, Rosehips and Blue Flag as well as the Bach Flowers Wild Rose and Scleranthus. This combination balances the metabolism of fats, energises the lymphatic system and assists circulation.
The Fatty Tumour Mix is given in conjunction with a powerful antioxidant extract derived from the bark of the Maritime Pine Tree, (Maritime Pine Bark Extract) and the Animal Botanical Liver Mix for dogs. Together the three formulations have the potential to slow tumour growth and boost overall health.


We expect noticeable change and reduced symptoms in the first four to six weeks of having your dog on our Herbal program and ask that you submit regular reports to your McDowell's Herbal , clinical Consultant.

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