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Fibrosarcoma is commonly referred to as a "hard tumour." It usually originates from connective tissue such as those associated with cartilage, bone or muscle. Veterinarians are often presented with several treatment obstacles. Fibrosarcoma tumours have a tendency to recur and compared to other cancers do not seem to respond well to chemotherapy...

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Surgical removal of a Fibrosarcoma tumour is difficult because of the way the tumour grows. It sends out finger-like projections that attach to surrounding tissue. Sadly for dog and owner the tumour recurs and this can lead to additional surgeries and sometimes amputation of effected limbs.

While there is limited evidence that meets modern scientific standards, increasing numbers of practitioners (alternative and orthodox veterinary) believe that changed diet and feeding practices, environmental pollution and significantly reduced activity levels correlate strongly with the increased incidence of canine cancers.

Dietary impact

Dogs systems are called upon to digest far too much processed food, since the advent of commercial dog feed in the 1950's. Also, their evolutionary eating pattern has been subverted by over feeding which does not allow for periods of fasting which had previously enabled their metabolism to clear toxins from their systems. In addition the domesticated dog is almost never allowed to bury and retrieve a meaty bone and many have never had raw meat at all.

McDowells Products

The important distinction between our herbal approach and that of traditional medicine is that; here we are aiming to boost the robust health maintenance and disease fighting systems already at work in every Dog, not just remove or kill cancerous cells – hoping they don’t return.

Fibrosarcoma Cancer Support Mix
This mix includes concentrated extracts of; Bladderack, Elecampane, Dandelion, Equisetum, Golden Seal, Phytolacca, Rosehips and Violet Leaves along with appropriate Bach Flower Remedies.
This Fibrosarcoma Cancer Support Mix is given in conjunction with a powerful antioxidant extract derived from the bark of the Maritime Pine Tree. 

Maritime Pine Bark Extract
Together the two support mixes have the potential to slow the growth of the cancer and boost overall health. In addition they can assist in healing localized irritation and inflammation which may have resulted from the cancer.

McDowell's Herbal Fibrosarcoma Cancer Support Mix can be used in conjunction with other alternative medicines or with orthodox medical treatments such as surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

We expect noticeable change and reduced symptoms in the first four to six weeks of having your dog on our Herbal program and ask that you submit regular reports to your McDowell's consultant.


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