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Our handsome 6-year old Doberman, Buster, was diagnosed with a Fibrosarcoma in his neck. Let me tell you, I was devastated!!! My vet painted a grim picture and wanted us to see an oncoIogist vet. I went into a depression state for about two weeks. Then, I said to myself enough of this, I NEED TO FIGHT THIS!! I went online and research Buster's cancer.

That's when I found McDowell's Herbal treatments. I emailed you regarding my boy and you responded within 10 mins. Then you called me on the phone and we spoke for about a ½ hour. You made me feel much better about the whole situation. You gave me hope when I thought it was hopeless. I cannot tell you how that made me feel, that you took time out of your busy schedule to help a complete stranger.

SO, I ordered the Fibrosarcoma Cancer Mix, Maritime Pine Bark Extract and the APA right away. I started giving it to Buster and I also give the

Maritime Pine Bark Extract & the APA to his sister Brandi to strengthen her Immune system. I went to 2 different oncologist and they both painted a grim picture and wanted to start Buster on 4 rounds of Chemo. One of those oncologists told me that I should have never started a holistic approach and that I would have to stop it. She also told me that if I did not give Buster the chemotherapy his cancer would return within 3-6 months.

Then, I found a holistic vet about an hour away and I took Buster to see him. He was very pleased that I had already started Buster on the Fibrosarcoma Mix, Maritime Pine Bark Extract and the APA. He added Chinese Herbs to his regimen that I already started.

As of today it now has been 13 MONTHS that Buster had his Fibrosarcoma removed. As of today, it has not returned. We just went to his holistic vet yesterday and he is very pleased with the way Buster looks. 

He looks great!!! He is now up to 103 lbs. The vet told me yesterday that his cancer probably will not return. He said that it would have come back within the year. I am not changing a thing!!!! I will continue to give Buster his Fibrosarcoma Cancer Mix, Maritime Pine Bark Extract, APA & the Chinese herbs from his holistic vet. I truly believe that all of these treatments helped my boy, and I am truly THANKFUL. We all proved the oncologist WRONG. They told me if I did not give Buster Chemo, that the cancer would return in 3-6 months and it would be worse! THANKS for helping me & my boy!!!!! I was devastated and had NO HOPE until I found you!!!! I think other people need this info and know that

THERE IS HOPE. If it wasn't for you, I do not know what I would have done!!! (now, I have tears in my eyes) Buster thanks you too!!!! (SO does Brandi) I will never stop the Fibrosarcoma Cancer Mix, Maritime Pine Bark Extract & the APA, I firmly believe in it. Thank you You are AMAZING!!!

Love, Lisa

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