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Epilepsy is a nervous system disorder characterized by a tendency to have recurring seizures, these are caused by abnormal electrical activity. Originally these may result from a number of causes such as injury scars in small areas of the brain, inherited causes or no known physical cause at all...

Blured photo of a woman suffering from vertigo or dizziness or other health problem of brain or inner ear.

The word seizure is sometimes used interchangeably with the term convulsion. But technically they are not the same. Convulsion refers to the jerking and spasms of muscles often with loss of muscle and bladder control.

Two thirds of people who experience a seizure will never have another. One third of them will go on to experience recurring ones.

Adult onset may be triggered by tumours, strokes or brain trauma. Seizures may also be triggered by repetitive sounds, flashing lights, video games or even by touching of particular body parts.

Quite small stimuli may cause a seizure in people with epilepsy while a strong stimuli such as very low oxygen levels or very low sugar levels may even cause a seizure in those who don’t have epilepsy.

The area of the brain affected determines what actually occurs during a seizure. There are many different types of seizures.

A seizure may last from just 10 seconds up to 5 minutes. The person may also experience a changed consciousness proceeding a seizure such as unusual sensations of taste, smell and sight which may be pleasant or unpleasant.

After the seizure the sufferer may have a headache, sore muscles, confusion, extreme fatigue and not be able to recall what happened.

On a emotional energy level there is feeling of great struggle, almost a sense of persecution, these leads to self violence.

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This mix helps to reconnect nerve messages, calms the electrical energy and gives resilience and balance to the nervous system.

It contains Mugwort, Hypericum, Maritime Pine Bark, Scullcap, Tansy, Sage, and Chamomile along with the Bach Flowers Honeysuckle, Rock Rose, and Walnut.

There will be no side effects or reactions between the herbal mix and other treatments. 

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