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This treatment is designed to nourish and restore the nervous system that is experiencing stress, nervousness, anxiety or apprehension about specific tasks or as a general feeling. This standard mix is my normal starting point for nervous system problems and I then refine the mix for individual cases, after an initial course of 12 weeks.

Any nervous system problem ends up being composed of the original problem plus the habit of reacting in a certain way in particular circumstances.

We may all need to try to break old self defeating habits so that we can learn to act (not react) differently in stressful situations but this is done so much more simply if accompanied by nervous system tonics and the appropriate habit breaking homeopathic Bach Flower remedies. Using an affirmation or mantra may also be of assistance to turn around negative approach or habit or belief about yourself. On an energetic level nervousness and anxiety is about not trusting the process of life itself.

The herbal mixture I have formulated works to nourish both the physical nervous system and assist in habit change. I achieve this with the combination of:- Mistletoe, Passion Flower, Skullcap, Valerian,  Vervain, Broom, Hypericum, and Zyzyphus

Nervous and Adrenal Exhaustion

Brain Circulation Protective Mix

Vitality and Brain Function Tonic


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