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The spinal cord is the main pathway of communication between the brain and the rest of the body. It is a tube like structure of nerves that are protected by the bones of the vertebrae.

Nerves enter and exit along it entire length through small openings in the vertebrae.

The spinal cord is highly organized with like minded nerves running together, motor nerves run down the front of the cord while the sensory nerves run down the back .

Spinal Stenosis is becoming a more frequent problem nowadays, especially as baby boomers are reaching their 60's, as Stenosis primarily affects those past middle age.  Life expectancy and physical activity later in life is increasing as well.


A less known factor is that those reaching their 60's, are actually also those who first joined the dramatic increase in milk consumption.  Dairy production dramatically increased in the 1940's and 50's and free school milk was also introduced, with claims that the Calcium content of milk was essential for healthy bone growth.


While this generation were generally taller than their parents the dramatic increase in calcium and the gradual reduction in silica, due to more processed feed and less whole fresh vegetables, also started to cause an imbalance in the minerals constitution in bones.  This led to the body needing to dump excess calcium as in kidney stones or by narrowing the canals in the spine for example.


I can rebalance the Ca:Si balance and start to reverse the narrowing of the spinal canal as well as stimulate the efficiency of the nerve fibres to reduce pain and not just try to dampen pain while the condition continually worsens.


The herbs included in the treatment are.

  • Horsetail high in Silica and has a particular affinity with the Central Nervous System and building up the myelin sheath as well as repairing the spinal channel.
  • Mugwort is a nervous system tonic which is used to support healing of any physical nervous system damage.
  • Hypericum also to repair damaged or overstimulated nerve fibres while helping manage nerve pain.
  • Parsley targets spinal nerve plexuses. Parsley energizes and renews flow of nervous energy.
  • Maritime Pine Bark is a booster to the immune system and will speed up the restoration of the normal spinal canal.
  • Elecampane is a well known support for healing of bones and connective tissue but also works to normalise other tissue in the body.
  • Devils Claw is an anti-inflammatory and helpful in pain management control.
  • White Willow also an anti-inflammatory particularly deeply penetrating.
  • Along with the herbs I add the Bach Flowers Oak , Red Chestnut, Elm, Clematis and Rescue Remedy.

Please expect the treatment can continue for many months but after going onto the herbs, please experiment with weaning down off steroids and regular pain medications and call me in around 6 weeks to let me know how you are going.

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