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Carpal tunnel syndrome results from compression of the medial nerve that travels through the wrist supplying the thumb side of the hand.

The symptoms include odd sensations, numbness, tingling and pain in the first three fingers and thumb side of the hand. Occasionally they may include a burning or tingling in the arm and shoulder.

Due to positioning of the arm during sleep the pain may be worse during the night. Over time the muscles may weaken and atrophy.

Women are more suseptible as are people whose work requires repeated forceful movements with the wrist extended such as in using a screw driver or keyboard . Pregnant women, people with diabetes or those with an underactive thyroid are also more prone to it.

Physically you may try to avoid those situations that aggravate the condition, wear wrist splints or adjust the angle of the keyboard.

The herbal mix to address this condition includes Parsley, Burdock, Hypericum, Valerian, Horsetail and Mugwort along with the Bach Flowers Cerato,, Hornbeam, Aspen and Wild Rose . These herbs in combination should energize and renew the flow of energy along the nerves, strengthen and protect the nerve sheaths as well as relieve any shooting pains and numbness.

This mix may be taken safely as prescribed and take the pressure off the medial nerve.

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