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We tend to ignore our men who go through a change of life but maybe in a more physically subtle way than women. This does not mean that it is any easier for them. They must also take stock of and assess all aspects of life including the body, mind and spirit.


The 'mid-life crisis', 'change of life', or 'male menopause' are all names for it, but what is it?

It is easier to talk about a 'mid-life crisis' than male menopause, but real or not, many men still go through disturbing physical and emotional symptoms.

Men of course cannot (strictly speaking) have a menopause. More correctly it can be called Andropause with symptoms ranging from poor sex drive, tiredness, change in body shape, irritability, sweating, aches and pains and melancholy.

Some argue that this is hormone-related, just like the female menopause. However, the female menopause is triggered by a dramatic fall in the levels of female hormones, whereas the levels of the male hormone testosterone fall very gradually over many years. As well, many 70 year-old men have similar testosterone levels to those of a 20 year old.

Considering the above, some doctors acknowledge that a change for men occurs, but believe that it has a psychological basis, rather than a hormonal one. The realisation that they have left youth behind is backed up by the confirmatory signs of wrinkles, receeding hairline, and extra weight. For many, they may have progressed as far as they ever will in their careers and this may be hard for them to accept. As their children grow up and leave home, many will question whether they now have a role to play. Of course there may be other reasons behind how a man is feeling such as marital disharmony, job dissatisfaction, financial problems or alcohol misuse.

The mix I have put together includes Blue Flag, Liquorice, Sarsparilla, Phytolacca, Chamomile and Oats as well as the Bach Flowers Wild Oat, Scleranthus, Cerato, Aspen and Mustard. These herbs provide support and balance to the endocrine and nervous systems assisting the body and mind to face the future with renewed strength and a lessening of fear albiet a subconscious fear.

I do however find a great variability in the mixtures which suit different individuals and offer this formulation as a good general purpose one. It should be taken mixed in a cup of cold (or hot) chamomile tea, for best results.

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