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Herbs have traditionally been used to assist a person to come back to a healthy state of well being. Individual herbs, specifically prescribed for a particular situation may assist the body to come back into balance, thereby allowing a healthy homeostasis to be reinstated as nature intended...

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The herbalist looks to the whole person, their values and attitudes as well as their circumstances and physical condition along with other aspects of their individuality. This is in marked contrast to the allopathic medicine approach.

Any woman experiencing difficulty with their periods or with falling pregnant or carrying full term, should cease taking the pill or other artificial hormone treatments and consult with a professional herbalist.

Menstrual difficulties and fertility have been another of the major preoccupations of traditional herbalists since earliest times. There is a vast knowledge about herbs which support all aspects of fertility and reproduction and many different herbs to choose amongst to suit individual cases.

Below you will find an example of selected herbs for a particular condition. Herbal support can take a variety of forms and combinations, so it is vital that each person consult directly with a qualified holistic practitioner to gain the full benefit of immunity and health building support.

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The Fertility treatment mix I recommend as a starting place includes the herbs:- Pulsatilla, Phytolacca, Rosehips, Chamomile, Blue Flag and Raspberry Leaf along with the Bach Flowers Scleranthus and Walnut.

This mixture is based on my own experience with fertility assistance and I have found it to be very helpful in re-establishing a normal hormone cycle for women of all ages and promoting uterine health.

After a couple of cycles on this mix I would seek feedback through a consultation, and would normally prescribe specific additional herbs and give advice for each individual to 'fine tune' the mix.

I strongly advise couples to consider this approach for at least 12 months before rushing off to fertility clinics with all their attendant stress, disruption, interference and cost.



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McDowell's staff Herbalists can not diagnose your disease or illness. What they can do is offer a herbal program to assist with healing, after you have had advice from your doctor or specialist. If you have unexplained pain or symptoms, seek medical advice.

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