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Mothers milk is the ideal food for newborns, it provides easily digestable food containing antibodies and white blood cells.

It changes the pH of the the stool and intestinal flora so as to protect the infant from bacterial diarrhea. Colostrum, a thin yellowy fluid is produced just before the breast milk which contains mothers antibodies as well as protein and calories.

A newborns digestive system is quite different from an older child and it is hard to replicate the ingredients of breast milk so it is ideal if breast feeding can last for at least three months.

It is ideal for new mums particularly to have some support system of family or a breast feeding group such as the Nursing Mothers Association in Australia until they feel confident and comfortable with feeding.

We are all individual and depending on the level of support we have, our emotional well being and experience the flow of breast milk can vary considerably to the point of even leading to a deficiency.

If such a deficiency is experienced for what ever reason I have formulated a mix that includes Phytolacca, Chamomile, Dandelion, Chaste Berry, Liquorice, Kelp and Sarsparilla as well as the Bach Flowers Honeysuckle, Red Chestnut, Mimulus and Larch.

The breasts represent mothering and nurturing and to maintain and do this task with love and energy you need to also balance an intake of love and nurturing just for you.

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