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Measles is an illness which was always managed at home and almost never produced complications or resulted in any serious health issues whatsoever.

Traditionally, when a child in a family contracted measles, we used to darken down a room in the house where that child could remain in dim light. The child was given lots of water and other fluids and little stimulation for the 3 or 4 days that it took for that illness to run its course.

Much of the time the child would not be sleeping and would get bored if locked away in a bedroom, so it was common practice to darken a room near to the kitchen, maybe the dining room. There, the child would be able to be close to what was happening in the house and easily accessible to the mother or carer. We also used to spend time reading quietly to the child but encouraged them not to read themselves.

Measles is an inflammation of the optic nerve, which is a large bundle of nerve fibres leading directly to the brain. Sore and tired eyes and headaches along with lethargy are other symptoms of Measles and the reason for the darkened room and low stimulation was to rest the optic nerve and the brain itself during the time it took for the illness to resolve itself.

Nowadays there are two factors which in my opinion make measles a much more dangerous disease.

Firstly, if you try to manage a child by putting them in front of a TV or Video Game there is a very danger of overstimulating the optic nerve and the brain and I believe that modern cases of brain damage resulting from measles is much more due to the management of the illness rather than inherent in the illness itself.

Secondly, I get enough cases of measles symptoms along with brain damage, deafness or meningitis, following shortly after the measles vaccination, to have decided never to expose any of my own children to this risk.

I strongly recommend that Measles be managed at home in the old fashioned way and that a people avoid exposing their children to the risks of vaccination.

If anyone is concerned to further protect their child from any potential complications from Measles, I prescribe the herbs Hypericum, Rosehips, White Willow, Phytolacca, Mugwort and Maritime Pine Bark given as a concentrated extract in regular doses along with the Bach Flowers Walnut, Olive, and Scleranthus during the course of the illness and for a couple of weeks afterward.

If, in a particular case of Measles like symptoms occurring after a vaccination, I recommend exactly the same treatment as a matter of urgency and I would immediately subject the child to the low light low stimulation environment as per traditional management practices.

This particular herbal combination will further reduce any likelihood of any complications or damage resulting from either a case of Measles or a reaction to the Measles Vaccine.

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