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Mastoid bone infections were a relatively common and sometimes life threatening condition most often resulting from a lowered immunity and a chronic sinus or ear infection which travels to the mastoid bone located superficially behind the ear.

The problem is that the sinus within the mastoid bone is located closer to the inside of the skull than the outside and a chronic infection building pressure and eroding bone mass could break through into the skull cavity rather than appear on the outside.

First aid medical treatment was to bore a hole into mastoid bone (in the days before anaesthetics) from the outside to relieve the pressure and allow drainage.

Since the development of modern antibiotics the problem all but disappeared but I predict it will be returning shortly as more and more infections become resistant to antibiotics.

My herbal treatments revolve around improving the immunity and treating chronic sinus and inner ear infections with herbal medicines to both clear infection heal up mucus membranes lining sinus cavities generally. I also provide treatment to guard against or to treat drug resistant infections and blood cleansing treatments to assist the body to clear and drain debris from these closed sinus spaces which accumulate in chronic conditions.

In a critical case, and as a last resort, I would bore a hole in the mastoid bone to release the pressure.

Blood Purification Cleanser

Maritime Pine Bark Antioxidant

Rescue Remedy

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