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Infections of the external ear canal, especially if recurrent and treated with antibiotic and/or steroid drops, quite quickly becomes a chronic problem as resistance to the standard medical treatment develops.

The reason for this is that the damaged skin surface in the ear canal provides an ideal host site for a secondary fungal infestation, which then proliferates, especially when provided with fresh water. Often people don’t suffer any problems when regularly swimming in the sea but the problem re-occurs whenever they bathe or swim in fresh water.

The fungus is able to grow in a moist, warm and protected environment and is often dormant in winter and in generally cooler and drier situations.

My very first introduction to herbal medicine was through a treatment prescribed by a Pakistani doctor for my own chronic tropical ear infection, which I contracted originally in a hospital in Peru. This consisted of vinegar and alcohol and nothing more. I had been to the best specialists in New Zealand and North and South America over a period of 15 years with no success, and my ears were fixed overnight with Vinegar and Alcohol. I could not believe it.

When I trained in herbal medicine in the early 1980's I became familiar with some topical antifungal herbs, which I now include in my own version of this Pakistani Doctor's formulation. I have now prescribed this treatment for 20 years for many animal species as well as for humans and it works every single time.

The mix includes Thuja, Alcohol and Cider Vinegar as well as the Bach Flower Crab Apple.

The formulation works simply by depositing a fine layer of acetic acid crystals and antifungal herbs on the surface of the ear canal, and any secondary fungal infestation remains dormant whenever this layer is present, even if the infection is resistant to normal medications.

Recurrences only occur after exposure to fresh water and applying the drops for a few days easily controls them.

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