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Impetigo or school sores as it is commonly known is a superficial skin infection caused by Staphylococcus or Streptococcus bacteria, or sometimes both, and most common in children. The bacteria that causes impetigo can live on the skin, in the throat or nose, or on other parts of the body without causing a problem, but sometimes they start to cause an infection such as impetigo, sore throat or other infection.

Impetigo appears as a flat, yellow, crusty or moist patch on the skin, usually on exposed parts of the body such as the face and legs. Impetigo can occur on healthy skin but it often happens when the skin has already been damaged by a scratch or bite.

The bacteria can easily spread to other parts of the infected person's body or to other people directly by contact with sores or indirectly by contact with contaminated clothes. It is more common in hotter months.

School sores are addressed with blood cleansers by herbalists and I have a program which is described on the link below. I recommend a full 12 weeks course of this program to completely clear toxins from the blood.

The staph infection itself is treated with Colloidal Silver and a herb called Thuja. This program can be run alongside the blood cleanser and is taken internally and dabbed externally on anything active on the skin.

This program will deal with the problem completely and effectively and leave your entire immunity intact and strengthened.

Golden Seal and Calendula ointment can remove any infection and heal the affected area, while Tea Tree oil also has helpful antibacterial properties.

Blood Poisoning Cleanser

Blood Cleanser Purification Mix

Golden Staph Program

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